Using Dephpugger in ZF2

Add in root directory the file .dephpugger.yml with the content bellow.

  path: ./public/
  file: index.php
  port: 8080

The ZF2 start the server using a command setted in composer.json running composer serve. If you want keep using this command instead of dephpugger server and dephpugger debug, you can change the composer.json file.

Replace in scripts this line.

        "serve": "php -S -t public public/index.php",

To this.

        "serve": "dephpugger server",

If you aren't using the dephpugger in global mode, you can run composer require tacnoman/dephpugger and add this lines.

        "serve": "php vendor/bin/dephpugger server",

And now run in different terminals.

$ composer serve
$ dephpugger debug # Or php vendor/bin/dephpugger debug

Open http://localhost:8080 and get work!